A few months ago I was over on the CNCZone and found myself reading the roughly 10,000th post asking the same dozen questions about how to do a CNC conversion on one of the ubiquitous Sieg X2 mini-mills. Discussion boards like the ‘Zone are wonderful resources for many things, but for a newbie looking for a roadmap, they stink*. Hundreds of good ideas lie buried deep in threads with dozens or hundreds of posts, often on unrelated subjects, and with no particular system of organization. Part numbers, preferred suppliers, and recommended approaches likewise change over time, while forum posts remain frozen in amber. What people really need is a wiki, so a few months back I decided to set one up:

My goal for this site is to serve as an index of links to the great sites and info sources out there, as much as a source of original content. I’m not looking to steal anyone’s thunder, but rather to give newbies a single place from which to start their exploration. Anyone who’d like to help fill out the content is welcome; all you need to do is register to be able to add or edit pages.

* If discussion boards are problematic for long-term knowledge transfer, mailing lists and IRC channels are vastly worse. IRC has its place as exactly what it is–a real-time chat system–but the lack of any thread-type organization greatly reduces the findability of knowledge that changes hands over it. Likewise, there is nothing that mailing lists are good for that a discussion board doesn’t do better.


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